In this issue, we highlight a rare house as the Project of the Month. Our How Design Enhances Your Health and Well-Being section focuses on tactility, and there is more about a groundbreaking project we are working on and what's going on in Luxembourg.
Newsletter - August, 2019
An innovative new project with ground breaking technology for Septfontaines

Greetings from Sahar

Welcome to our August newsletter. We hope that you find it an interesting, educational, and fun way to keep in touch with us.

In this issue, we highlight a rare house designed by the late César Pelli as the Project of the Month. Our How Design Enhances Your Health and Well-Being section focuses on tactility, and there is more about a groundbreaking project we are working on and what's going on in Luxembourg.

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Project of the Month: A Rare House Designed by Cesar Pelli

On July 19th, an architect who was officially honoured as one of the 10 most influential living architects sadly passed away. César Pelli was renown for the skyscrapers, cultural centres and libraries that he designed in his more than 50 year long career.

What always stood out about the Argentinian American was his personal charm and ability to design buildings that fit into the existing environment and culture. In each case he set out to understand the local materials, forms and structures to create modern buildings that were "a comfortable new member of the (urban) family" whether they were towering skyscrapers in Kuala Lampur or a performing arts center in Miami, Florida.

What is exceptionally rare to find is a house designed by Mr. Pelli. Being in demand for and interested in much larger projects, it was more than unusual for him to take on designing a house for someone. However, in the case of a friend in California, he agreed. In keeping with his philosophy, the house is designed with locally common materials and colours. In form, Mr. Pelli did not hesitate to admit that he was strongly influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright who he greatly admired for his ability to design homes. Click on the button to see and read more.

An innovative collaboration with P&P Promotions and Leko Labs

Our new development project from P&P Promotions for the village of Septfontaines will integrate a groundbreaking wood structural system from Leko Labs. Not only is this system sustainable and circular, it has many other benefits as well.  Click on the button to learn more about it and how we are developing the design.

About Us

We engage meaningfully with our clients so that together we positively transform the way they live.

Our utmost priority is excellence in service and a high degree of attention to our clients’ vision.
Ultimately, we present them with an elegant, harmonious and natural home that is formed by synthesising their desires with our extensive experience in designing environments that enhance well-being.

Creating a home where our client feels relaxed, relieved and happy is the driving force behind our creative approach.

How design enhances your health and well-being: Tactility

There is no place like home to experience the sense of touch. Whether walking barefoot across a stone floor or sitting down at a natural wood table, it is the place we come into the most contact with materials.

The temperatures and textures of the materials in our home have a profound effect on how we feel. When it is cold outside, the warmth of a stone surface that has been baking in the sunlight is irresistible. But that same stone can also give us relief from the heat by storing cooler temperatures from the night. Click on the button below to learn more about it.

Crossword Puzzle of the Month

Have fun with our crossword puzzle of the month. Just click on the image to get the pdf which you can print out and fill in.

Last Month's Solution

Upcoming Luxembourg Events

Summer fun has begun! The place du Théâtre in the city of Luxembourg has been transformed into a beach for the months of August and September.

Aside from all the sand, the new beach will have deck chairs, beach umbrellas, a painted piano and beach toys for the kids to play with.

A court for one of the favourite pastimes in Luxembourg, pétanque, will also be set up amongst tropical plants, palm trees and colourful flags. Click on the photo for more.

Saharchitects goes to...Remerschen, Schengen & Erpeldange

At Saharchitects, we like to stay on top of the latest in architecture and Luxemburg. In July we had a great team building day. In Remerschen, we had lunch at Le Chalet, visited the Biodiversum, and the Valentiny Foundation. We then had coffee at the European Museum in Schengen, visited a Roman Villa in Nennig and had a very nice wine tasting with Happy Duchy in Erpeldange.

33 rue de la gare
7535 Mersch
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