With confinement being lifted, we are exploring how to transition into a more hopeful, but still unsettled situation. I believe that being mindful or our health and well-being is profoundly important in these times.
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Newsletter - May, 2020
The Kamadhenu Yoga Studio designed by Carolina Echevarri + Alberto Burckhardt

Greetings from Sahar

Welcome to our May newsletter. With confinement being lifted, we are exploring how to transition into a more hopeful, but still unsettled situation. I believe that being mindful or our health and well-being is profoundly important in these times.

Therefore, in this issue we take a look at how architecture and design can positively affect our wellness and provide solutions for working and staying fit from home. We feature the Kamadhenu yoga studio in Bogota as our Project of the Month, show you how we are bringing nature into Belair, and check-in with the online fitness and yoga courses available in Luxembourg.  

Project of the Month: The Kamadhenu Yoga Studio

Calling out nature and the environment as their main influence, the architects of this yoga center in Bogotá, Columbia note that it is the shifting light that transforms the spaces and enhances the ability to meditate.  

In their design, natural wood and stone are framed by simple, grey toned, wood-formed concrete walls. When the natural patterns of these materials are viewed, our bodies physically react lowering our stress and filling us with a sense of relaxation.

The simplicity of the spaces and forms that flow from the landscape into the interiors helps the mind to focus and tune out the commotion of daily life. This is the case whether you wish to design a yoga studio or simply renovate your home.

Click on the button below to view more of the Kamadhena center on ArchDaily.

Bringing a touch of nature into the urban density of Belair

The construction sites are up and running again in Luxembourg and we are happy to see this project in Belair get underway. It's hard to imagine from this photo, but soon there will be a wooden terrace flowing from an open living room and kitchen framed by a bamboo garden. The small window and door will be replaced by a large glass door which will integrate the exterior and interior spaces.

The roof will also be re-built with a new, broad dormer window to allow natural daylight into the attic space giving the family a much larger room to use there. The renovation and extension to this traditional house will be executed with a modern elegance that will respect the original structure giving it new life.

Renovating a home in Luxembourg has many advantages, but it should be carried out with expert guidance. This month, we will be releasing a new, free guide to renovating your home. It will go over the positives, but walk you through the challenges as well so you will have a better idea of what to expect and be prepared for.

Be sure to follow us on Instagram or LinkedIn to get updates on this project, the upcoming guide and more about designing and renovating homes in Luxembourg.

Home offices of the future, the new normal?

The lifting of the confinement is a welcome relief for many who could not work from home nor wanted to. However, for those of us who could work from home and have enjoyed not being subjected to the stress and time spent in traffic, will this be a new normal?

Designing an area in an apartment or home that is conducive to creative and productive work is imperative if this trend continues. Natural light, the right materials and flexibility of the spaces are all important factors.

In residential developments, the Gensler Research Institute believes we will see shared spaces for work and meeting areas that could be booked once the distancing is over. Imagine a meeting room with a terrace where you could barbecue while talking business.

On an urban planning scale, working from home means people will be more connected to the area they live in. They interact more with their neighbors, notice more details of their surroundings, and have a greater sense of ownership and responsibility over where they live.

With so much time spent in a residential district, it is therefore important that the city provides corridors for people to walk safely during their break times and in the evenings. More mixed use and green areas will be needed to ensure a connection to nature and better health and well-being.

Upcoming Luxembourg Events - Online

Our friends at Super Miro are still going strong by posting all of the online events and courses. If you do a search for yoga, you will see many suggestions and listings for online classes. There are also many yoga studios in Luxembourg who are offering their classes online as well.

Saharchitects a Wedding!

Congratulations to Delphine and her new husband Frédéric! In spite of the confinement, the two were able to be married with a small group of family and friends. They donned masks during the ceremony, but were able to take them off for these beautiful photos afterwards. It brought happiness for everyone passing by. We wish all the happiness and health for them in their future together!

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